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No New Year Holiday Break for Shengzhou Mosang Silkworm Factory

Author:esilk.net       Publish Date:2022-02-11

Shengzhou Mosang Hi-Tech Co., Ltd,totally owned by Zhejiang Babei Group , announced in Jan 2019 that its first batch of mass-produced silkworm cocoons had rolled off production line, marking the success of a seven-year-long research on factory-raised silkworms.

The industrialized silkworm-raising is a breakthrough of 5000 years’ traditional sericulture, which has overcome the worldwide problem of industrialized raising.

During the Chinese New Year holiday (Jan.31- Feb.6, 2022),  Mosang’s production lines for all ages of factory silkworm breeding were running to meet the high demand.

At the beginning of the new spring, Mosang began with intense and orderly production.He Ruimin, the Executive Deputy General Manager, together with the manager and deputy manager of the production department came to give holiday greetings and blessings to the employees early in the morning. All the employees felt care and warm from the company’s leaders.

These days, the company's product quality and output had reached a record high. The leaders and staff’s faces all lighted up. As the saying goes, a good beginning is half the battle. They all have been engaged into the new year’s work with great energy,belief and enthusiasm.