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CCSE High Quality Raw Silk Trading Prices(20220110-20220114)

Author:esilk.net       Publish Date:2022-01-16

【High Quality Raw Silk Trading Prices This Week (trial run)】

Average of High-quality Raw Silk Index this week


Note 1: All prices shown in this page shall be different in accordance with the declared prices including VAT filled by cooperation companies before 16:00 every working day based on different payment terms, specific indicators,user demands,etc.

Note 2:Trading price range

 Lowest  Average price: Weekly average of daily lowest prices

 Highest Averageprice: Weekly average of daily highest prices 

Note 3:Weekly average of High-quality Raw Silk Index:

The weekly average of daily High-quality Raw Silk Index based on the compilation method announced on April 30, 2020.

Note 4:Announcement Time: 16:30 every Friday (holidays are extended). 

CCSE High Quality Raw Silk Index

Cooperation Companies List

  • Zhejiang (5 Companies)

    • Hangzhou Jinli Silk Industry Co. LTD

    • Huzhou Zhejiang Silk No.2 Factory Co. LTD

    • Tongxiang Qitang Silk Industry Co. LTD

    • Tongxiang Cedar Silk Co. LTD

    • Zhejiang Huafeng Silk Industry Co. LTD

  • Jiangsu (4 Companies)

    • Dongtai Fudong Silk Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

    • Haian SOHO Silk Reeling & Twisting Co., Ltd. 

    • Haian County Xinyuan Silk Co., Ltd.

    • Jiangsu Fu'an Cocoon Silk Co., Ltd

  • Shandong (3 Companies)

    • Juxian Haitong Cocoon Silk Co., Ltd.

    • Rizhao Haitong Silk Group Ltd. 

    • Tai'an Zhengtong Silk Co., Ltd.

  • Anhui (2 Companies)

    • Anhui Xinyuan Cocoon and Silk Technology Co., Ltd.

    • Anhui Jixi County Huashen Silk Co., Ltd.

  • Sichuan (7 Companies)

    • Mianyang  Fenggu Silk Making Co.,Ltd

    • Ningnan County South Silk Road Co., Ltd. Yixing Silk Industry Co., Ltd.

    • Ningnan County South Silk Road Co., Ltd. Yinhong Silk Industry Co., Ltd.

    • Sichuan Antai Cocoon Silk Group Co., Ltd.

    • Sichuan Hongqi Silk Co., Ltd.

    • Sichuan New Silk Road Cocoon Silk Co., Ltd.

    • China Silk Tiancheng (Panzhihua) Silk Co., Ltd.

  • Guangxi (11 Companies)

    • Guangxi Guihua Cocoon Silk Co., Ltd.

    • Guangxi Jialian Silk Co., Ltd.

    • Guangxi Jiangyuan Cocoon Silk Co., Ltd.

    • Hechi Dongfang Silk Road Silk Co., Ltd.

    • Hechi Hengye Cocoon Silk Co., Ltd.

    • Huanjiang Guihe Silk Industry Co., Ltd.

    • Jiangsu Huajia Group Guangxi Yingchun Silk Co., Ltd.

    • Lingshan County Guihe Silk Industry Co., Ltd.

    • Luzhai County Guisheng Cocoon Silk Industry and Trade Co., Ltd.

    • Rong'an Guihua Cocoon Silk Co., Ltd.

    • Silk Road Group Guangxi Silk Co., Ltd.

  • Yunnan (5 Companies)

    • Dehong Zhengxin Industrial Co., Ltd.

    • Yunnan New Thousand Buddha Cocoon Silk Co., Ltd.

    • Yunnan Huangzheng Industrial Co., Ltd.

    • Zhaotong Yangtze River Silk Co., Ltd.

    • China Silk Group Pu'er Silk Co., Ltd.

  • Shaanxi (1 Company)

    • Ankang Bashan Baoye Silk Co., Ltd.